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Your Property


If property is part of your portfolio, and you want to create wealth for yourself and your family, you’ve come to to right place. At AIN we have a network of the best advisors, that we can connect you with to help you achieve your investing goals.

How it Works

We’ll walk you through the entire process


Get in touch

Speak to our team to identify what it is that you want to achieve, where you are based and what investing profile you have, so we can connect you with the correct advisor.


Goal & Expectation Setting

Analyse your goals and outcomes you want to achieve, so that when you meet with your advisor, you are on track to share what your goals are.


Advisor Meeting

Meet with your advisor, personally referred to you based on the outcomes and goals you want to achieve.


Grow Your Portfolio

After a successful meeting, look at what you can implement to grow your portfolio and amplify your investing success!

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